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  • Release date:2021-01-14
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1)95% Filtration Breathable

2)Multi-layer protection design. Filter layer effectively block fine dust. Suitable for daily use.

3)  Face masks are made to use in an easy and friendly way comfortable and breathable and will not be stuffy but breathe freely, double string to tie will make it fit comfortable on your face.

4) Disposable mask are effective in protecting against germs, dust and air pollution, safeguard your health and life.

5)  Suitable and applicable for every situation for gardening, painting, construction, nail salons, medical, dental uses and people with allergies. 

Product discription: 

Name KN95 Face Masks Approvement CE, FDA
Material Non-woven fabric Usage prevention of droplets
Standard GB2626-2006
EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Features Soft, Convenient
Classification Class 1 Origin  Dongguan China
Type KN95 Package 20pcs/Box
Particle Filteration Efficiency >=95% Weight 1 carton(1000pcs): 9.1KG
Feature 5D Cup Shape with 5 Layer Face Mask KN95
3-layer high-effective filter the bacteria structure.
The frist layer-- PP non-woven ,Absorbs dust, odors and harmful particles.
The second layer of hot air cotton has high porosity,good elasticity,soft feel,strong heat retention,good permeability
The third layer--Meltblown non-woven , thicker than the others, that filters more than 98% of bacteria.
The fourth layer--Meltblown non-woven , thicker than the others, that filters more than 98% of bacteria.
The fifth layer--Skin-friendly non-woven, not only filter particulates but also friendly to sensitive skin.




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